Between The Hours

Hey lovely people,

Hope you guys are doing well.. Actually, our new website is still under construction, so everytime We find a new problem which needs to be resolved asap. So We have been quite busy in all those issues. We really missed you as we were not active here for a long time. We missed your write ups, your comments, your suggestions and everything.

But now that we are back, we will try to be active frequently.

Talking about today’s post, we are glad to share a poetry, “Between The Hours” from our self hosted website. Hope you guys like it😊

Pixabay _image

Between the hours, I crossed the scorching heat and reached the bowers.

Between the hours, I greeted the sun, a goodbye and it went behind the towers.

Between the hours, I saw…..Read the full poem here

Visit our website, though it runs a bit slow😢(but we are trying to fix the issues) and subscribe to it, if you like our contents😊




Published by: Mistella

It's not just about one person because both of us have thought to try our luck in this field.. Both of us are students. Though from different streams, we are here to present ourselves together with our stuffs and learn through good and bad experiences (which can definitely not demoralize us).

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