Beginning A New Journey

Hola lovely people.

We are back with some exciting news. Actually we have started a new self hosted website. We really wish to stay connected with you people and so it will be great if you will visit our new website and subscribe to it. And most importantly, we have just posted something new related to analyzing of a poem, we hope it will help you if you like to read poetries. Here we share the link to it: Analysing poems made easier. We would love to see you there and literally, we are so so excited to work on our new blog but we heartily wish to get the same love and support from your side as we find here💝 Do give a visit.

We want you take a look at our website and suggest us with some changes to make it look better as we don’t have much idea about these things😊😊

Click here to directly reach our home page and suggest us to make better changes💝

Love you all guys.



Published by: Mistella

It's not just about one person because both of us have thought to try our luck in this field.. Both of us are students. Though from different streams, we are here to present ourselves together with our stuffs and learn through good and bad experiences (which can definitely not demoralize us).


3 thoughts on “Beginning A New Journey”

  1. Neat idea guys! What kind of poems will you be analyzing? Personally, I find analyzing poems harder than stories. I took a poetry class once, and I had the most difficult time understanding how my classmates got their ideas from the reading.

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    1. We agree!! We have just posted some steps which may be helpful to get a close idea of the poem. Any particular poem is not mentioned but you can probably try these steps with poems in which the psychology of the poet is somehow being reflected. You can check it out by clicking the link provided in the post😊

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